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What's happening in 2012Edit

Sets introductedEdit

# Set Pieces Figures Price Released
Mission Laser
N/A Street Plane-transformer 2 US $9.99 Jan. 2012
N/A Inferno's City-hideout 5 US $39.99 Jan. 2012
N/A Laser Transporter vs. Speed Buggy 4 US $29.99 Jan. 2012
N/A Plasma Heist 3 US $24.99 Jan. 2012
N/A Gate Chopper vs. Speed Cruiser 3 US $49.99 Jan. 2012
N/A AlphaTeam HQ 7 US $59.99 Jan.2012
N/A Habour Outpost 2 N/A July 2012
Released (If theme would exist)
Released soon (in two months or less if theme would exist)
Not yet released

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