LEGO Agents is a theme which began in the summer of 2008. It continued in 2009 with Agents 2.0. Many of the sets involve the Agents thwarting evil plots through such means as retrieving an energy crystal, or stopping a giant robot's attack on the city.Each agent set comes with at least one agent and badguy, each with their own vehicle or base. Agents 2.0 consisted of 5 sets, and after that, Agents was discontinued. No continuations have been heard of yet.

Details Edit

The Agents theme pits two factions, the evil robotic team lead by Dr. Inferno, and the Agents, a top secret commando team tasked with protecting the world from the Inferno menace, against each other. Both sides have an immense collection of weaponry and gadgets. All of the sets involve some aspect of Dr. Inferno's quest for world-wide domination being thwarted by the Agents. In the first year, all of the environments featured were in exotic, rural locations, like the Amazon, or a volcano. In the next year, all of the battles were moved to a city environment.

Rootings Edit

Agents has a heavy connection in the world of James Bond. Minifigures, vehicles, and many other elements are either borrowed then retooled, or are nearly carbon-copied from James Bond movies (for example, the car in 8634 has a very similar appearance to some of James Bond's various Aston Martins). Agents 2.0 is not as strong in this relation as its predecessor, but still maintains somewhat of a connection.

Future sets Edit

Agents was discontinued in 2010, and no future sets or questioning of bringing the theme back have been announced.

Subthemes Edit

Agents only had one sub theme called Agents 2.0.

Notes Edit

  • Each set has an illustrated storyline on the box showing what events occurred to lead up to the set's events.
  • Agent Swipe, Agent Chase From Mission 4, and Agent Charge are the only Agents who have single-sided heads.
  • The theme is very similar in plot to Alpha Team.

Sets Edit

Lego Agents

An Agents logo, featuring several Agents and vehicles.

2008 Edit

The LEGO Agents are equipped with high tech LEGO gadgets and vehicles. These help the Agents stop the evil Dr.Inferno and his henchmen from taking over the LEGO World.

Minifigures: Agent Chase, Saw Fist
Minifigures: Agent Charge, Break Jaw
Minifigures: Agent Fuse, Gold Tooth, Inferno Henchman
Minifigures: Agent Chase, Agent Trace, Break Jaw
Minifigures: Agent Chase, Spy Clops, Inferno Henchman
Minifigures: Agent Chase, Agent Fuse, Agent Charge, Agent Trace, Dr. Inferno, Spy Clops, Gold Tooth
Minifigures: Agent Charge, Agent Chase, Break Jaw, Slime Face
Minifigures: Agent Chase, Agent Fuse, Agent Trace, Dr. Inferno, Fire-Arm, Claw-Dette
Alternate/Combiner sets
Minifigures: Agent Chase, Agent Fuse, Agent Charge, Agent Trace, Spy Clops, Gold Tooth

2009 Edit

Agents 2.0 Logo

The Logo of 2009 Agents 2.0

Minifigures: Gold Tooth, Agent Swipe
Minifigures: Dollar Bill, Dyna-Mite, Agent Fuse
Minifigures: Agent Chase, Dr. D. Zaster
Minifigures: Agent Chase, Agent Trace, Dr.Inferno, Tourists (3)
Minifigures: Magma Commander, Agent Chase, Agent Charge, Agent Swift, Magma Drones (3)
Alternate/Combiner sets
Minifigures Dollar Bill, Dyna-Mite

Minifigures Edit



Vehicles Edit

  • Agents Jetpack
  • Jet Plane
  • Motorbike
  • Speedboat
  • Turbocar
  • Mobile Command Center
  • Submarine
  • Turbocopter
  • Agents HQ

Agents 2.0. Edit

  • Supertrike
  • Waterjet
  • Agents 4-Wheeled Truck
  • Quad Bike
  • Super Jet
  • Aerial Defense Unit

Inferno Vehicles Edit

  • Saw Fist's Snow Mobile
  • Escape Boat v1
  • High-Speed Jeep
  • Escape Boat v2
  • Spider Helicopter
  • Mini-Jet
  • Boat

Agents 2.0. Edit

  • Motorcycle
  • Super Airboat
  • Slime Chopper
  • Dr. Inferno's Robot
  • Covert Spy Tank


There are serval Storylines made as Stop Motion. Here's an example:

In this storyline there isn't any Mission 6, but there'll come an Agents 2.0 series.

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