Mission Jungle Pursuit was a Alpha team sub-theme introduced in 2019. It also introduced a new villian known as N.R.G and his robot army, just as well as some other new characters.


Many years ago, when the conquestadors invaded the Aztec civilisation they used a powerful secret weapon to win the battles. It was known rumoured to be a golden armour, that's technology was beyond it's time and some had said even beyond todays technology! It was something both N.R.G and the infamous Dr. Inferno wanted. N.R.G wanted to research it, to unlock it's power and destroy all of mankind, while Dr. Inferno wanted it's power to take over the world. N.R.G sent Genral Commandra and his army to obtain it and Dr. Inferno sent Hookz to get it. Not long later, Alpha team recieved intelligence of this and rushed to South America to stop both Dr. Inferno and Commandra from getting the Golden armour. It was basically a race for the Golden armour between Alpha team, Inferno and N.R.G's robot army. (Ending will come soon!)

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