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The Laser Desaster is an upcoming online game to be released in 2012-2013. it's based on Mission Laser.

Releasing factsEdit

The game will be introducted for MLN users in 2012. It will be released for everyone in March 2013.


Main LevelsEdit

  • Mission 1: Mistery bombs in LEGO City (Beta-version available in October 2012 for MLN users)
  • Mission 2: The secret hideout
  • Mission 3: Find Agent Dash!
  • Mission 4: Adventure at sea
  • Mission 5: Inferno's Base located
  • Mission 6: Catch Inferno!
  • Final-Mission: Destroy the laser

After winning all levels you recive a code to get an access for Deep Sea Mace.


  • OPS 1: The mysterious disappearing of the easter bunny
  • OPS 2: Inferno is located
  • OPS 3: the last fight

(OPS available in January 2013)

Characters appearingEdit



defes: Amor x3
shid: Shields x3
easter: Easter special ops